Is it possible to make WordPress page attribute meta box select option display as images?

I am customizing the page attribute meta box for posts pages on a WordPress theme I am developing. I will have multiple templates to choose from for each post and I was wondering if there is a way I can replace the select > option text where the templates show to display as images of how each template would look and the user would then select one of them and the correspondent template would be selected. Have tried a million things but nothing seems to do it… Would appreciate any help. Thank you

What I am trying to do is to use the “Page Attributes” that allows a user to choose a template for the page in the POSTS editor. So basically the “Page Attributes” page template selector for posts. Then I would create multiple templates(full, width, sidebar left, etc) and the user would then be able to choose a page template from all the post page templates available to display the post. I have come this far.

I have been able to implement this functionality, however at the moment a specific template can be chosen from a drop down menu where the available templates names display and this is what I am struggling with, because ideally I would want to create small images illustrating the template look and users could then select the thumbnail corresponding to the template look they wish the post to be shown as.

So basically I am trying to create a way of showing the post templates available as small selectable images instead of showing them as a drop down list which is the default WordPress functionality for this. Any possible solutions would be really appreciated. Meanwhile Ill keep trying to find a way. Thank you very much.