Is it ok if i use Motion 2 in my template?

hello guys,

so i’m working on my first after effect template and i use motion 2 to add some bounce to text and shapes, is that okay?
if not what can i do to avoid getting rejected ?


I’m going to say no, but that’s just a guess! I’m basing that on Motion 2 not being in the drop down for ‘plugins used’ when you submit a template. I guess they have to draw the line somewhere, when it comes to plugins that buyers might have, otherwise every reviewer would have to have every plugin installed on their machine. And the more obscure a plugin, the less likely your template will sell… which is bad for you and Envato.

I’m assuming there’s no way to convert the animations, created using the plugin, to keyframes? I’m not really sure how it works.

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thanks for your reply …
but what the motion 2 does is that it creates an expression for the layer that makes it bounce it doesn’t have to be installed in the users who use the template devices …

in other words it’s like doing a wiggle or loop you just change the content while the expression does it’s job it doesn’t require to be installed anywhere, instead of writing the expression over and over again … the motion 2 in one click the expression gets applied to the layer.


Did they accept your “mographed” file?