is it exists the Correct License Type for embedding musics to own developed software ?

hi there :wave:, I am reading the license types and they’re not clear enough indeed!.
I wanna embed some background musics that produces videos to my own development software. is there any kind of license for this ? license does not describes about that.
ie. my software makes videos from jpg files and will embed audios. and my tool will export a video with given images and audio. ppl may upload to youtube or whereever they want…
so should I locate to royality free sites ?, should I learn some audio application and generate my own musics to avoid license conflictions or … indeed any kind of license that envato exists that fits in this case? so there is good loops that I wanna bug and use. but I am confused… which license should allows it ? to embed in my own software development.
why nobody asked and no and description about this issue ? I read license type descriptions since 2009. and that issue is not clear. may some one refer me to the solution? I just don’t wanna see any license conflictions anytime anywhere (thanks in advance)

Hey @kturkay! Sorry about the late reply.

If your software is a paid app or monetizes through banners and ads, then the license that will fit your needs is a Music Mass Reproduction license. It allows you to distribute unlimited copies of your software with the embedded music. If you already purchased the standard license you can upgrade it and contact support and they will refund you the amount for the previously bought license. I’ve went through this process several times with customers.

Here you can read further on the characteristics of each license type:

To contact support:

Hope it helps!


Though @WormwoodMusic’s answer is indeed correct, there may be some confusion as to what your project actually is.

From what I’ve understood (and I could be totally wrong), you want the users of your software to be able to upload the videos generated by your software to Youtube, and those videos would feature the music you have licensed. If this is indeed your intention, unfortunately, this is specifically prohibited by Envato’s terms. For this to work, each final video would require its own license.

Am I allowed to use an item in an “on demand”, “made to order” or “build it yourself” product or service (e.g. online video or animation rendering services, “create your own” slideshow apps, e-card generators)?

No, not even with a multi-use license. You can only use an item in this way if you purchase a separate single-use license for each final customized product that is created by a customer.

yeap. I thougt so. hence, learning FLStudio nowadays.