Is it enough to get hard rejection just because some part of the item not working properly

Hello everyone,
I just got hard rejection which was painfull as always. I was really mad at first. Because i thought it is a very good project. But then i realize some part of my item is not working properly. Not that terrible error but sometimes my app returns 404 but if you refresh it then works again. I havent noticed that before submission. Plus i have some responsivity problems. Not that terrible but yeah it doesn’t look very nice if screen is small. So do you think that would enough for hard rejection. Do they thoroughly test the app before accepting it. Can i resend if i fix the issue and add some additional features to it.

If the reviewer tested it and got a 404 then that’s very likely to be hard rejected.

Similar with the responsiveness - just all l means it’s not ready and given how fundamental these issues are probably makes the review suspect there is more issue and to stop the review which would only increase the chance of hard rejection.

Just fixing those parts and resubmitting is risky if it was hard rejected, you’d be better off fox if the issues and adding next elements etc

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Thank you for your reply. I think reviewer saw that 404 error which is a very simple thing to solve. But it is noticeable, he/she couldn’t figure out what is going on and rejected. I dont blame them. I was sloppy because i was in a hurry