is it allowed to use Vuetify framework in codecanyon?

am planning to make an item specially to sell on codecanyon, on top of vuetify framework witch use some components similar to google design.
it’s something like bootstrap but for Vue.js
so am i allowed to use that?

yes you can sell it at codecanyon but make sure it’s upto the standards and is approved by envato market

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Am just really confused.
some items at codecanyon use vuetify and vue framework, although the codecanyon standard require that items should be tested on browsers like IE7 IE9 and Vuetify and vue don’t actually support these browsers! how did these item pass the review ?
Thank you

Where did you hear this? Most websites don’t support beyond IE10 these days as asking for anything more would be a major hindrance to innovation. You can use Babel (or an alternative) if you’re concerned about browser support.

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I just totally agree with you on that one