Introducing Envato Sites

Yes. This. If we will see Envato Sites advertisement directly on Envato Market pages, we will need a higher share than 70%.

Why would we pay for expensive marketing campaigns if you would simply re-route a portion of that traffic to your own shop? Especially when your shop is directed towards a much broader audience than what the authors offer and is a much bigger project to begin with.

We don’t mind the existence of this project, there are many others like it online, but it just wouldn’t be ok to advertise it on Envato Market pages like you do with Envato Studio. That would be a direct competition and dilute our traffic.

@justinfrench We would like an official statement on this now because it’s a very important topic.


You have to relax, that is " very important ".

you are running a business, you have to adapt and learn how to play, else you will be out of job fast.
for some of us, that is already a business idea and alrady planned how to work on it.


Sneaky preview

Shame that URL in the shot doesn’t work (

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I don’t think so. Evanto sells themes… Evanto sites will not be hosted on evanto servers.

where as
wix - suarespace - jimdo - izmoweb

provides you built-in website templates with populated content to get you a website in few minutes.

You’ve got my question list :wink:

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