Envato Hosted: New Homepage and Themes page

Hi All,

Today we’re launching a new Homepage and Themes page for Envato Hosted. It’s a long way from a landing page to a fully featured website and this latest deployment represents a crucial step towards a unique search and purchase experience for customers wanting a more complete website solution.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be fine tuning the value proposition and adding some new and exciting features so stay tuned for more info.

Andrew and the Envato Hosted team


Envato Hosted looks like a great product for new buyers. I can see how it would benefit both authors and buyers. Do you have any ETA on when it will be open to more authors to join?

Thanks @ProgressionStudios

We’re currently focused on building a great search experience and an offer that customers love. Until we have a fully featured product we’ll be going slow on adding new themes.

That said, we’ll be taking on a small number number of niche themes over the next 3 months. In particular we’re looking for themes that are targeted at specific small-to-medium business industries (e.g. fitness, events, etc), high quality, well designed, performant and easy to use. Most importantly, we’re looking for authors willing to work with us to optimise their theme for sales, and use by these customers. If you have a particular theme in mind then contact Hosted Support and we’ll keep you in mind as things progress.


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