Installing Avada Theme



I recently purchased the Avada theme because I thought it had a drag and drop website builder (as I do not write code).

  1. Is Avada able to do that?
  2. If so, would someone show me where to go to be able to do that?
  3. If not, does anyone have any advice on where I could go to use a drag and drop website builder (preferably using the Avada theme)

Thank you!



You can simply ask Avada support here ->



Hi, please check if any page builder is included in Avada Theme. If yes then u can develop the website easily just be dragging and dropping the things. Visual Composer is a popular page builder it comes with most of the themes. So may be its there with your theme.


It uses the Fusion builder which is drag and drop capable. There will be documentation with the theme which explains how to use it most likely.