information about licensed files and images

Hello, i developed a theme. i used 3rd party softwares and its have commercial license. i purchased license of these softwares. My firstly question, Should i upload this license files? my other question, i use for images on my theme. And there are People’s faces in pictures. should i upload also a license file related to this subject? thank you in advance for your helps


You need a permission from an author of that 3rd party software. And you should attribute the images you used from

how will i attirbute to

Assuming the license from pexels allows commercial use then you just use the images in the demo.

The download copy should never contain images (placeholders only) anyway and you can link the images used in the description.

I’d be much much more interested in the 3rd party software license…

What type of software was it? It’s rare for there to be a commercial license that allows redistribution.

Do users have to have this software to edit the item?

Most “builder” type platforms generate messy code that is not up to standard for here.