Increase the Quality of HTML templates and PSD templates

I want to raise a very important topic and i expect other authors will support this thread.

Envato is the First MarketPlace which things PSD templates, HTMl templates and WordPress does not relate to each other.

WordPress takes 2 months to develop it nicely. But Reviewers will Hard reject you 2 months hard Work on WordPress 2 Weeks on HTML and then 20 Days at least on queue. Saying Design does not meet Quality standards. If they reject HTML or PSD that’s fine and understandable. But when HTML and PSD is already approved how envato can justify it.

Authors can understand how frustrated they feel when this happens and the months of hard work is just trash in a moment.

Envato really does not give respect to authors. A very junior peon on any company even have more respect than we authors have on envato.

I demand Envato and i hope other authors will support me. If a PSD is approved its WordPress should not be rejected within 6 months of PSD approval. If author upload WordPress later than 6 months then you can apply different criteria.

Same should happen for HTML templates.

Envato Also can force authors to publish PSD, HTML, and Then WordPress so everything is reviewed in its own category.

I hope to get support from authors.


Actually I can’t aggree with you. WordPress and PSD/HTML categories have different standards. Since there are countless WordPress submissions, Envato has to pick only the best of them. Just because someone has PSD file approved ealier doesn’t guarantee success in WP category. Themes are approved not because someone has spent last few months working on them, but because they’re good, unique and there’s a demand for them.

At this point, if PSD and HTML review process was as strict as WP, there would be little to none approved submissions.

I can’t quite understand the 6 months threshold idea. Half a year is quite a long time, things change, designers get better. I bet you could create something more appealing even after 3 months.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t always aggree with reviewers, but most of the time they are just right.


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Thank you @lucalogos for your answer.

I still stand with my idea, but i can improve it by adding couple of things in it.

When an author, Submits a PSD template, Or HTML template and if that author already have an approved item in WordPress he should have a checkbox to tick in item page. Do you want WordPress feedback on this item? or something similar means if an author check on that his/her item should be reviewed by the standards of WordPress and those standards should stand for at least 3 months.

And Reviewers should reject item if that meet the HTML criteria but design does not meet the criteria of WordPress. Its Author’s wish he checked the mark of Strict review. I hope you understand.

Envato trying to reduce review queue of WordPress so they have become more strict and they are doing more hard rejects than before to avoid wasting time on soft rejects.

Authors should be sure on each phase of their project they are doing something great. I hope this make sense. It will also help Envato to reduce WordPress Queue cause design will be rejected in PSD and HTML phase.

I do understand your point, but checking the same template by reviewers from multiple categories would make the queue even longer. And even if there would be such system - the 3 months period shouldn’t be a free pass to WordPress category. Like I said, things change on a monthly basis, even if your design was good, what if there was another author accepted a day before you with just the same looking design? What if the type of design you were creating for the last year was constantly accepted for the last week and there’s simply no room for you?


Your point is right and correct.

  1. WordPress and PSD/HTML categories should not have different standards for design. If a design is good not matter if the code behind is HTML,WP or PSD.
  2. The 6 months time is correct. The design trends and technologies not change within this time. The average time before new technologies replace the old ones is about 7 years.
  3. This method will decrease the review process time and also create a more solid and transparent integration between the marketplaces. Reviewer no need to check on other markeplace, is the author that send the link or just create a dedicated area is not difficult.
  4. At the end it’s only human logic and thinking with the brain. Don’t have any logical sense reject an item for his design if the design is already approved. If A is approved the same item A should not be rejected. No need to be a genius to understand this basic concept.


Currently this method can not be used due the accepted designs quality is very bad and I prefer a reject almost for WP or HTML versions if not for PSD. But this is another story, another wrong point of the review process. If the the process was correct about the quality your method should be implemented.

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Thank you @ThePixor for supporting my suggestion.

Envato should simply understand the main aim of we authors is WordPress, When we design a PSD which have no sales, Then we convert it to high quality html like w3c, responsive etc.

We hardly get back our Hard Work return from these both categories. So as our aim from beginning was WordPress. But we uploaded PSd and html just to make sure our hard work on WordPress do not waste at once.

So Item uploading page should have a checkmark if we check that, item should be checked with standards of WordPress for design. If that does not meet the WordPress criteria simply hard reject no one will ever complain. If it even meet the html/psd standards. Cause our aim is not that as we checked the condition already.

Envato should understand Designers and Coders are different people. Handling a complete WordPress project do takes time. And we need surity we are going to right track. in each phase else why we make html and psd does not make sense at all.

I dont understand it really a design is okay in two categories but not okay in other. I truly believe it will decrease review times and produce more quality work as authors will save a lot of time on hard rejects.

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Just a question, does the PSD category not convert that many sells anymore ? If not then why make a WP version of that PSD? That alone should be a big indication that there is no market that your design…

Hi @S_Visser ThemeForest’s main item is WordPress which have most sales than any other Category. PSD’s does not make many sales, you can check the PSD’s of 1 year old date you will able to assume well how many sales psd made in 1 year.

Your point is valid but that happens rarely.

WordPress does not only includes the design it includes several more things design is just 1 part. So we are trying envato to realize if they want to reject design they can reject it on PSD and HTML level rather than rejecting it on WordPress level cause WordPress includes many things with it including design.