Increase dimension of HEADER


I apologize for the trouble, but I didn’t find a solution on this website.
I modified the image Header of this site ( ).
The problem: I upload the original image in a format (1300x300 px), meanwhile when i change the image the dimension of Header are too little.

The theme is Metriulium Child (i think that is customized, but I’m not sure).
Please, could you help me ?

Thank you in advance,

Your theme is called “Metrolium”, and you can read more about it here:

If you wish to identify your website’s theme, use the Chrome Inspector (click CMD + C on mac), and click on the parts you see here:

Secondly, I’m having some trouble understanding what your problem is. You’re using a responsive theme, which means the header size will adjust according to which device you’re on. Is that the issue? What are the dimensions you’re getting? Is this the part you’re talking about?

Our website (https://forbrukslå also utilizes a responsive theme, with our header changing its W/L size depending on the device.

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Hi forbrukslanNO
thank you in advance for your answer.

The problem is that the size of the header are too small (i talk about the
logo “Casapiazza - Veneta Cucine”).
I would like to increase the dimension of it.
With all the device that i try (pc- smartphone-tablet), the dimension of
logo are too small.

Thank you again,