in desperate search of an ORI like template!


I’m in desperate search of a WordPress driven template with almost the same features and layout as ORI from the makers of 7oroof. I need the template for a school.

(7oroof is working on the WordPress template but it will be ready in about 2 months). My deadline is in about 7 weeks :confused:



incredibytes had a theme called Educator that might help you get the job done, unfortunately (or fortunately) it’s no longer on Envato and is being moved to the repository (where it will be free). You may be able to contact inredibytes directly to get a copy so that you can start work:

Thnx for your suggestion! Might be me but i’m not finding this on Google. You might have a link?

It doesn’t look like the Theme is directly available for download during the transition. But if you contact the author directly at:

They may be able to hook you up with a copy of the Educator Theme. I’ve worked with it before, and it seemed pretty good for educational purposes.

I’m working on a wordpress school template too, and I hope is going to be ready in 1 month - Lingua

@cwpdev thnx for the suggestion! I just saw the Educator but this is not, this looks more like Smartschool etc. I need a plain site with some typical parts for a school website (like courses, calendar, upcoming features etc.

@sodasi_web Also desperate? welcome to the club! =) wel please look at the ORI template, i’ve seen a douzen of templates for school and this is by far the best… It’s complete really. Maybe we should mobilize the ORI team to put this theme in WP =) It would be a great relieve If I could use this template after al… (For good understanding, this theme is now existing in plain HTML now, and should be ready in 2 month in WP.

sorry didn’t noticed you’ve chozen your theme allready =) Lingua is nice but not complete…

Can you send me a full list with what features you would like to have ?

I’m always going to improve my theme to get most of the functionalities the user needs.