Import Data Demo - Link Download not working

I’m installing theme ( Home Organic 01 ) by Plaza-Themes, On the Import Data Demo process, the Link Download not working: which leads to 404.

How to fix this or is there an update from the theme/importer plugin I need to install?



Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


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I’m user of and I cant contact with support author and envato. Envato recomend search help on forums. So I’m asking You again on this forum how use import data if i have problem with import from:

Import Data Demo

The importer is working

Status: Preparing for importing…

Link Download not working:

ModSecurity is OFF, link download is enabled on server.
Link works in my browser but instalator can’t download.

RoadThemes is courupted or their instalator are aut of date LOL ?

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