Images from game, films etc in UI design project


Hi everyone! Why some authors including me can’t use images from games, films if I’m making store or portal where as example want to show nike, ubisoft logos etc. What’s a problem? Also in themeforest in psd templates someones use watch dogs official preview images or playstation 4 for preview. Also last time I even could not use envato logo because reviewer told me to replace it but in vidoehive everybody use.

I only want use this images for preview otherwise it kills emotions about project and decrease designer’s posibilities. For example when I make an article and title it something like “Eminem music album” and as it’s preview use face picture from unsplash or imcreator - it just spoil design.

Administration and reviewers, with respect and a lot of thanks for envato, please notice this problem. Thanks.


Because these images are copyrighted and you don’t own them.

I get why you want to use them but that does not change copyright laws, and you could end up in a lot of trouble.

I know there are some files which get through with trademarked content but they shouldn’t and it is discussed here

As for envato’s logo - I was always under the impression that this was ok but could be wrong and maybe check with support