I'm looking for a WordPress theme for a City Guide

I need a WordPress theme for a City Guide

1 - I want to build a website to show everything my city has, such as:

monuments, gardens, parks, businesses, bars, restaurants, services, etc., etc.
2 - I would like to be able to add a map with markers.
3 - I would like to translate it into several languages (although this is not necessary at the moment)

Can you advise me on WordPress themes that can fit these characteristics?
Maybe I haven’t searched in the right way, and I can’t find what I need.
Thank you !!

Check listing themes.

Thank you!!
Of course I reviewed the set lists FOR SEVERAL HOURS before coming.
Maybe I haven’t searched in the right way, but none of the themes I saw have those characteristics.
Alternatively, I came looking for advice from people with experience at Codecanyon, and I was lucky enough to have them see my query.
I must have a little patience

You can check this item: Gimont - City Government WordPress Theme by ovatheme | ThemeForest

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Thank you! I’ve looked around a bit and it looks like it might be what I need, but I need to look deeper as I can’t find a way to add all the elements of my city and be able to locate them on a map.
I will continue to inspect, as this topic has a lot to offer.
Thanks, I’ll share my impressions later.

Wow, now I understand your answer better.
I misused the translators…
I beg your pardon, do you mean I searched for LISTING TOPICS?

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I have a dilemma. Two users have provided solutions to my debate, and both have been helpful…
How to assess which one should I mark as SOLUTION?
Thank you!!

Supposed to be a button next to “as solution” near the answer but it’s okay, you can leave it as it. The most important thing that you got some help today :slight_smile:

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Sure, but it would be good to mark it as SOLUTIONAD=, it may be useful for someone looking for something similar, and they will know that the debate had a solution.
Thanks to both @ki-themes and also @ovatheme
I have to ask other questions about the reservation system for small hotels, and I don’t want to leave this topic unfinished.
Thanks again!!

I have to make other questions about reservation system for small hotels, and I have seen the portfolio

Yes. Let me know if you have any question. Contact me here