I'm asking for help editing video

Hello, greetings everyone. I’m going to buy a video and a song and I need someone to put it together for me with the photos I have and the music I have chosen. I’m open to offers. I don’t know if this is the place where I should post this. If it’s not, I apologize.


Just ask the author that you’re going to purchase the item from and ask if they’re OK for freelance job.

Hello Temas-KI, I already wrote to you a week ago but did not receive a reply. Thank you very much for your reply.


To *them I assume, I haven’t received any email :slight_smile:

Yes to them. Would you be interested in doing this job?

This is the template

sorry, this

The Tree of Life Photo Gallery, After Effects Project Files | VideoHive

Sorry, not interested in. I don’t even have the software but make sure that you purchased an updated version of the template. It seems pretty old:

Last Update 14 October 2016
After Effects Version CC CS6 CS5.CS5

And a recent comment:

Halo my friend what support you give not answering simple question the template is not working anymore

Thank you very much for your answer. Indeed, I had already read that opinion that the template did not work from another user who bought it. But I was hoping that a professional could fix it.
What a pity.