I want your comments about my new project

I’m selling a new item on Theme Force and I want to get your opinion on my work.
I am currently developing it by adding more pseudonymous page pages, waiting for your opinions.

This is my project link: https://bentra.vercel.app/

With respect this would not get approved on envato:

  • the basics are note great esp. Typography, hierarchy, etc.

  • there is nothing premium which could not be found for free online

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Thank you, do you expect that if I made a different 20 Land Page page and put it in one project, it would be this good?

In the event that what i mentioned earlier is wrong, can you tell me how to develop my work

You definitely need to add options/pages/esp. premium functionality, but you need to sort out the basics first otherwise you are just creating more pages with the same problems

Thank you very much for your help. If you have articles or online courses to help me, I hope you will provide them to me. Thank you again




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Thank you