I want to sell on Graphic River! (Few Questions)

I want to sell on graphic river.

  1. How can I set up files for submission?
  2. What should I include in the files?
  3. Is it possible to write a description without HTML code? I don’t have any coding experience. I can’t find any other option.
  4. Any other tips that can help me?
  5. What are some good digital products that I can sell here?

you can check these articles:

and all about GraphicRiver Requirements

this is hard to help u if u do not tell us more about what u would like to sell …
as for what to sell here lol this is depending on your potential, experience and nature bent to bring something new to the table in one of the existing categories …

I’m a graphic designer. I can design logos, visiting cards, letterheads, stationery, book covers, annual reports, magazines, t-shirts, restaurant menus, flyers, brochures, mockups, etc.

What should I keep in mind while submitting my design?

I am not a graphics desgner but I think UI

LOL well if u are so good at all u do not need to ask aything like this to yourself lol just kidding, more seriously, i guess that focusing on quality and originality would thus be the real deal …