I want to sell my work on themeforest.

I want to sell my work on themeforest. Do you think this work will be accepted on Themeforest, if not? Can you write the reason.

My First Work:

Thank you .

Hi @MJHStudio, With respect ThemeForest quality standard and requirements improved much. for getting approve you have to provide unique aesthetics design with best UI and have to put some premium design. Please study more on trending Items of this market especially released within the last 12 months. Your design is very back dated and this type of design is very common in ThemeForest.

Hi, I am still developing more of my work. Are there errors in SPACING AND ALIGNMENT, TYPOGRAPHIC HIERARCHY, VISUAL HIERARCHY?

If you find a mistake in it, point it out for me so that I can practice on it more

Thank you

Line height for heading tag (h1, h2, h3) need to be improved. 1.5 is not perfect, 1.2/1.3 you can try. Button hover you can add and effect, without effect not looking good. box item alignment in Reserve your seat now in our training courses section is not right. Also responsive view is not correct there. Pricing table not working in responsive view at all.

Thanks for your help