I want a feedback from you

Hi everybody
I uploaded around 6 tempaltes logo and all had been reject, and i don’t know why, so i upload my last disgn and i want a feedback from you. I wanna know whats wrong:
-Files Format.
-Vector problems.
-Color problems
-Am I a bad designer? :disappointed:
i will apreciate all your comments,thanks



Would you be able to share your logos here? It’s unlikely unzip your file and review it one by one.

Sorry, thanks :grin:

hi, i like your item , however, i am not surprised that u have not been able to make it here with this one , the fact of the matter is that lines are very thin and they will be considering your logo when this is very tiny and thus think that this is hard to read or hard to see …

Ok, thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.:slight_smile:

wish u good luck now :slight_smile: