I uploaded the wrong category

I uploaded the wrong category. I think that because the time review is too long (15 days). It should be WordPress instead of Plugins.
What do I have to do now?


I think you can delete from submission queue and resubmit again hope there is no problem at all.


Hi there,
Can I change the item category after published?
Thank you!

I’m not sure about that but after published your item you can try with small update in your item and changed category .

Another way to get in touch with Envato customer success they would like to assist you with an official answer hope you must be satisfied their answer.



If your category change demand is logical mean you have proper reason why you would like to chnage category then you can submit a help ticket and let them know details from which category to which category you would like to change your published Item. Then Item reviewer will review your request and if everything is logical then reviewer will change the category.


Thank you! I did that. Hope ok.