I received first payment from Envato today!

Hey everyone!

I ain’t gonna lie to you, I’m going to tell you the truth, because that’s how I roll. I’m posting this to brag about it. I just received my first payment of $53.12 from Envato and it’s about to be loaded to my credit card!

EDIT: You know what, I’m gonna go crazy and celebrate this by purchasing a pair of slippers I was eyeballing for months. And there will even be enough money to treat meself with a donut on top of that ! Woot !!! How about that, eh! :smile:


Ha-ha, slippers + donut = :+1: Congratulations, @CoderGames! Wish you to double your earnings each month!

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Thanks for the wishes! But, lets keep it real, that ain’t ever gonna happen :slight_smile:

Why not? Keep working, and you will get biger and biger earnings month by month :smiley: :chart_with_upwards_trend: :dollar: :moneybag: :thumbsup:

I don’t think so, it takes time to make a game, as you know, and if each game would make ~15 bucks, I’d eventually start to starve, once I deplete all the savings. Makes no sense to me. This is how much I made since August 2016 or so. EDIT: to put it bluntly, making these games actually cost me much more money than they generated so far and with this pace it’s highly likely they won’t pay off the effort even 100 years from now. EDIT2: I might give it another try with another game, but if that fails, it’s definitely game over for me as far as this market goes.

Make more games. Make better games. The best selling games are making over $100 a month, so if you’d made one of those, you’d be withdrawing about $3000 yesterday, rather than $50.

What does Envato do for those guys that they don’t do for you? Absolutely nothing. You have as much exposure and as much chance to sell as those guys do, so it’s completely up to you how much you make every month.

Your regular sarcastic digs at Envato for your low sales are nice and all, but if some people are making $3000 every ten months, and you’re making $50 every ten months… why is that? Is that Envato’s fault?

Don’t get me wrong, I like you… you seem like a pretty cool guy, but sometimes you need to stop and think and ask yourself if you’re doing everything within your power to sell as much as possible. Could you be doing more?

And while I’m at it… personal opinion here, others might think differently and I apologise if it causes offence… I think your profile picture and your avatar are horrible. They look really cheap, and don’t inspire me to investigate your profile and portfolio further.

So there you go… harsh review over. Normal service has resumed. Peace out.


What can I tell you man, it’s a conspiracy!!! EDIT: maybe I should not mention illuminati here, but then again maybe I should.

Congratulation @CoderGames :tada: Good luck for more payments :wink:

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Thanks for the wishes guys!

You’re lucky!:+1:t2: I’m still waiting for my first payment :sob:

Congratulations on your first payment!

Thanks guys!

Yeah, but you joined 2 months ago, I joined June 2016 … ahahahahahahaaaa :grimacing:

Most of the authors on codecanyon are not really selling items here for living, it’s only a hobbie or just for fun. You should also keep doing more awesome items to earn more! Honestly, I earned $1,500+ in just 2 and a half months on 1 item and I think it’s not impossible to do for all other authors like you :slight_smile:

That’s what I do on my website, I release them for fun or as a hobby, but also freelance on the side, if something comes my way. I don’t see why I would make games for fun or as a hobby and place them here, makes no sense to me. Obviously people who place it here, since it’s a market, do expect revenue. I presume, since you’re stating how much you made so far, you’re expecting the same otherwise you wouldn’t state the amount you made so far, you’d just say that you’re doing it for fun and giving away your games to a bunch of strangers on Envato so they could profit from them, while you’re having fun.