I need a freelancer but Envato Studio dosen't have a place to post job requests....

I’ve bought the pro version of Nextgen Gallery and I can’t get it to look like the Gridley theme demo. There are 155 Galleries and I need all of them to show the price list. Some do and some don’t.

I’ve uploaded all the pictures and catalogued them into galleries. I just need the theme to look like the demo and to associate the one pricelist with each of 155 galleries

Here’s what it looks like now… https://wordpress-332742-1268065.cloudwaysapps.com/

There may be a few more revisions after you get this done because I don’t remember the other things that need fixed. :slight_smile:

Hi @63studebaker

In Envato Studio you can choose a freelancer then Provide a job brief for the Talent (freelancer ) to review and continue discussion and finalize for hiring.

How Envato Studio Works



I was afraid of your answer mr moderator… See the problem is, whom do I ask about an obscure job like this? The studio people haven’t described that they can fix this problem… Just “I do WordPress”. There are too many to weed through one at a time. Is there any place to post job offers like on fiverr?

You can contact me via this link if you’d like to work directly or reach me at Studio

I’d be happy to help you on this project

no, there is no job board in envato studio. Just you can discuss your requirements with the freelancer. just go to freelancer profile then you will find ‘Contact Me’ button.

OK, send a request to 100 or so Freelancers in the hopes that just one will understand what I need… Got it.

Have you guys (Envato) considered this “jobs posting” option and just rejected it?

Any WordPress freelancer should be able to do this. Just pick someone with good reputation. You already got one volunteer in this thread.

Now see there… KI Themes feels he/she will be able to help me with my conundrum, yet none KI Themes Studio listing mentioned anywhere close to this job description. Hence the need for a board!

You are overthinking it. You don’t need a “Nextgen Gallery plugin specialist” or anything like that. KI is a WordPress developer, I mean he even has its own WP themes which he sells on ThemeForest. I am sure job like this will be a piece of cake for him.

I understand that job board would be more convenient, I have no idea why Envato haven’t implemented it, but it is how it is. I am sure you will get some more offers in this thread from other freelancer though.

Thank you. You are correct, I am overthinking it. But I was also admonishing Envato for NOT having a listing board. Yigit of KI Themes is a VERY competent developer that I would be proud to have as a fixer.

And thank you for taking the time to follow up with me.

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