I have Badge Level 3 on three month... !

I registered on videohive a long time ago. But in April I tried to make a template again for videohive, because in 2014 I tried but got rejected. I tried to make a template because the corona pandemic resulted in no events, where I was actively working before. Thankfully, in these 3 months I got a decent sale until I reached level 3 in 3 months, considering that it is still a pandemic season and many authors have complained about it. I’m here to share happiness, that my fad turned out to produce sales results. Hopefully in the future sales will continue to increase and I will work even better in videohive even as additional income. Thank you videohive!


Congratulations! :smiley:

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Thank you… :ok_hand:

Congratulation Friend :slight_smile: keep it up. cheers!!! :fox_face:

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You are welcome. I see you project and I think I get inspiration :grin:

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Thank you friend

Your welcome my friend :slight_smile: thank you very much your kindly comment. cheers!!! :fox_face: