I have 2 Dribbble invites

Hi friends, i have 2 dribbble invites. Send your graphicriver portfolio to me from my profile page and your dribbble account. I choose 2 designers :smiley:


Check mail please :slight_smile:

Email sended :slight_smile:

i like your work, you are my man at this time

you will be for next invitaion on my list now Novacaina will be invited becuase have more complex and quality work at this time. But i have your email and dribbble links will give you when i recive next invitations


Thanks for choosing Novacaina :slight_smile: I am glad that you have chosen him also listed me for the next time. This time he is was way more experienced than me. Now I’m waiting for your next invitation to come :slight_smile:

I promise you to be the next, i have give 6 in last two mounth when recive next i will contact you

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Waiting eagerly :blush:

Wow - I thank you. It’s honor. :slight_smile:

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Hi friend like i promise send my link again of your dribbble i send you one invitation. I am man of word



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Hello, friend, Thank you so much for remembering me. I’m sorry that I’m not going to design professionally in future anymore because I’m shifting from my design career & developing a new skill. I want to make some few more designs for Graphic River & there is the end. So you can give the invitation to someone else who makes beautiful design & I guess that’s a better choice. But if you still want to invite me, here is my dribble account :slight_smile: https://dribbble.com/sayedpritom

:slight_smile: you shouldn’t reject. My opinion.

I’m not rejecting. Just don’t know whether I should take it or not. But I would be happy being invited.

Take it.

:slight_smile: take it and maybe sometime you will upload something. Do not refuse invites to “semi-elite” portals. In the future you don’t have to ask or search invitation because you already got it. So … take it :slight_smile:

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Friend if you still have the invitation. Then please invite me. :blush: