i didnt recieve response from the envato

hi,i have submit script but i didnt recieve response from the envato after 24 hours

Several thousand items are submitted every day, and items are rarely reviewed on the weekend, so it can take some time. However, the current average is around one to three days for Codecanyon items, so tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday is likely.


ok,thank you

hi I have submitted my PHP script on codecanyon but I didn’t get the response
I have submitted it Saturday means three days before.

thank you

Hi @hasen39,

Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. You can often refer to the average review times at the link below as a guideline, but these are just averages (Times are indicative only, based on the average wait time for each site over the last 7 days) and the actual review time could be few days shorter or longer than those listed:

Can you see your submitted item in your dashboard?
Please keep patience review team will review your item as quickly they can.


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I didn’t see it on my dashboard
I have checked on the link you have provided
the maximum day is 3 days.

The average is 3 days, based on the average wait time over the past 7 days, and those numbers are indicative only… items are reviewed when they are reviewed. As I said… yesterday, today or tomorrow is most likely as weekends aren’t counted.

However, if you can’t see your item in your dashboard then it has probably already been approved, hard rejected or soft rejected. You should have an email letting you know, but check in your portfolio to see if it has been approved. Check in your hidden items tab on your dashboard to see if it has been soft rejected, and check in your email (including spam folder) to see if it has been hard rejected.

If it’s nowhere to be found, then it’s probably been hard rejected but you haven’t got item review notifications turned on in your settings.

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