I can't activate the theme

Good day, I purchased the Electrician - Electricity Services WordPress Theme. I do not activate the license, I can not write to support because the support period has ended, I do not know what to do… it turns out I paid and was left without a theme, the theme is tied to this domain er-6.ru. Please help me activate the theme, thank YOU!

Are you having issues installing the theme or activating the theme?

What happens exactly when you try?

I installed the theme, enter the license key and I do not activate the theme and in the place where the notification text should be empty, can I send you a screenshot?

Activation is usually only for certain added features like auto updates etc. The theme should work without this needing to happen.

Make sure that you ar eusing the latest version of the theme, WordPress and hosting PHP etc.

so this is the problem that I need access to updates and plugins… :frowning: The theme works without problems… I installed the theme through the Envato plugin, Wordpress latest version, PHP too

You may need to try and contact the author and if need be extend support - unfortunately there’s not much else that anyone in the forums will be able to suggest https://themeforest.net/item/electrician-electricity-services-wordpress-theme/19212980/support