I can change everything in flatsome portfolio element except the "All" filter headline - Please help:)


I just have one little problem with the portfolio element in the flatsome theme, which probably is an easy fix, but I cant find anything about it on youtube or forums and so on so I don’t know where else to ask to get a clear answer:)

In the portfolio filter headlines where it by default says “All”, “Design” and “Lookbook”, I want to change “All” to the danish word “Alle”, but I can’t find out where I change that text.

Please help me and please be specific in your explanation about where I can change the text, because I am a bit of newbie:)


Have you contacted the author about it? Here is their support information - https://themeforest.net/item/flatsome-multipurpose-responsive-woocommerce-theme/5484319/support

Just make sure you’re logged in with the account that purchased the theme before you try to contact them.



I have tried to contact the author, but the time were there is free support has expried, because but the theme a little while ago.

I have also ask one the facebook group: “Flatsome Theme Users”, but the problem is still not fixed.

Do you have any advice?:slight_smile:

Maybe that word is hard coded on your theme, or plugin.
You can try to download all your website, or maybe open its files on some html or text editor, and make a extensive search for every words, like “All” and then replace it with your own word.

Best regards and I hope you can fix it :wink:

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