HUD VFX needed for interior space helmet in short film. Paid collaboration.

Hi guys,

I have a project called “All The Imagined Echoes” in post production and I’m looking for a vfx artist who has skills in creating Heads Up Displays as it plays a strong part in my short film.

The idea is to take the ALIEN universe style but apply a child parental lock on the HUD, making it kid friendly. Even the A.I icon is something out of a cartoon for kids. Smiling and blinking. Most of the shots are POV.

“Almeda is left fighting for her life inside a futuristic space suit whilst facing off against an Artificial Intelligence that would rather read her a bedtime story than save her.” - IMDB Link

We already have someone doing the space ships and space suit, we just need help with creating the HUD VFX and possibly A.I icon.

PM me for more details.