HTML Website on themeforest, Wordpress Version in Another Market



Hi Guys,

I was asking myself if I upload an HTML item on themeforest and the item is selling good, but it has been rejected in Wordpress Category, I could upload Wordpress version in other markets.

Is it possible or not? It should be another item…

I’m an Exclusive Author.

Thank you.


Yes, you can. Don’t give up just work more on your wordpress theme.


Thank You @YAKUZI. We know and we do not give up: It’s just a template that should be rebuilded from zero, so we decided to sell in another place while re-designing it in a new way to be sold on Themeforest :slight_smile:

Have a Nice Day!


Careful not to advertise or link to the WP version elsewhere from anywhere on your HTML version page here.


Yes, you can upload the WordPress to other marketplaces but you can’t promote that from Envato marketplace.


Well, I know and I think Themeforest is the N°1 Marketplace for many reason. Thank You for your explanation.