HTML TEMPLATE - Tips needed

Hii…I am planning to submit an HTML template to themeforest… What all things i need to look at apart from w3c validation…?? Can some1 suggest me some tips… :slight_smile: Would be really appreciated.

Please check, i hope it will help you & Best of luck

Thanks for the info…really appreciate it… :slight_smile: also i have a little doubt abt the “Description” that we have to give for the file… I mean we can use html tags right like “li” and “h3” tag for adding heading and a list…???

Also what abt the documentation tat we have to add along with the main file…can we use our own template for tat or we will require to use d same one provided by themeForest ??

Hi @Theme_crispy

  • yes you can write description using p ul li and heading tags,
    -You have to create documentation (help file) and you have to attach with main file.

thanks a ton :slight_smile:

your welcome