HTML template. Should each js script be placed into separate file?

Dear colleagues,

We need your advice on best practice approach. We intended to provide gulp source files together with our html template but noticed that most templates come with separate js files for each functionality. Which solution would you recommend?

Thank you.

All files must be separately. Of course, on your demo you can have all in one file. Also, I think is ok to provide that js file (all in one) with template, but not to included by default (default to be all separately).


Thank you so much for your comments! Just one more thing, we’re using Saas and Bootstrap in our template.
We re-defined some default variables in Bootstrap (for example, gap size between columns), as a result our generated .css file will be different from the standard Bootstrap css file. Is it acceptable?

I must say, I have only one item where I have used Bootstrap but I would recommend you not to override the default classes directly in Bootstrap files. And yes, it is ok to override them it in your custom CSS file.