How to submit/become an AudioJungle music author?

I’m trying to submit my music for review to become an AudioJungle author, but I feel like I’m in an endless circle.
When I click “Start Selling”, it takes me and asks me a few questions (do I want to be exclusive, do I create online already, etc.), when I click through that, it says let’s start by telling us your affiliation in the dashboard. It takes me there and then I’m lost, there is nothing to continue this process.

I just want to get my music up and selling on AudioJungle (or submit for review to become!).

Once you see the green “Take me to my dashboard” button, you’re done! Your account is then converted to an author account.

To upload an item you must click the “upload” link in the account dropdown:


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Thanks @baileyherbert ! I see it now, it wasn’t immediately clear the upload was for review, but I got it now.