How to see stats as an affiliate?




I am starting as an affiliate, but i am wondering how nd where i can see how much people i am driving to envato?
Is there a way to check my affiliate stats?

Thanks in advance

*Des anybody makes good money as an affiliate?


Hi @yenerich
Go to
Or hover your cursor over your username (not here in forums but in the marketplaces), then click on “Earning”. after that, on your Earning page, you’ll find a little dark gray dropdown says “Item Sales”, switch it to “Referrals” to see your stats.


Wow, thank you! Now I know that sending 12,435 people was result of one new member for Envato and $0 commision for me.


I know some users here who make good money from affiliation, but you need to have a website with a very good traffic to earn serious money.



Thanks for the explanation. One more question,: Clickthroughs means the people that comes to the envato market place by clicking on my website?
I see 938 without making anu money yet :frowning:


Yes, it means how many people clicked on your referral links.
I don’t know what is the average of clickthroughs and deposits, unfortunately I can’t tell that is OK or not.


Hi folks,

I know this is an old thread but I was doing some checking on this due to a campaign I’m running and I was wondering if some of the successful affiliates can share some numbers and ratios they achieved?