How to Host audio on Dropbox instead of my website?

I am new to wordpress and hosting my own websites and am looking for some advice on audio hosting. It is quite a large website taking into consideration that I have over 1 Gb and growing of audio files that I host on there.
My last shared hosting plan failed. This was not mine but a friend who helped me and a lot of other people out with there websites. He says they kicked him out without notification because of using to much data transfer.
So long story short, I am looking on hosting my audios directly on my bought dropbox account and finding a plugin that will play the audios directly from dropbox instead of through my server. I want to avoid another problem or downtime like the one I’m just through. Could any of you give me some suggestions?
Right now I’m using the External Media plugin by Minnur Yunusov, but it only helps me import my files from dropbox to my website and does not use dropbox for hosting. I know of soundcloud, but since this is a non-profit I’m trying to use the things I have an not add another monthly payment.

Following are some of the technical details as well as the website.
Hosting: Banahosting shared web hosting (Bana-Profesional Deluxe)
Theme: Adore Church by themeforest

Let me know if you need any other info, and thanks in advance for any tips.

P.S. Sorry, but the website is in Low German so it will not be translatable.