How to get lifetime earnings for about two years working on Twenty20?

Hi Twenty20 support,

I worked on Twenty20 for about two years and had never transferred my money to my bank account because PayPal is NOT working and NOT supported in my country.

I got the answer from Twenty20 that I would receive an email at the end of July regarding earnings that I couldn’t receive as the way to do it was still being worked out. It is already September.

Please let me know how long I should still wait to transfer all my funds.


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I have the same problem! Did you contact the support service directly, or did you just write to the blog? Cause I try to find here the answer for this question, but all in vain. I guess, we should write to the support service. Or maybe someone in here can help us?!

Hi Cat,

I got an email today with different options to get paid.
Actually, there are no options ;(

Paypal is the only one.
And I am a bit confused about this.

Please ensure you are providing an email address associated with a valid PayPal account registered to receive payments for business services. We cannot send payments as ‘family and friends’ payments. If you are uncertain, please check with PayPal before submitting this form, as it can be submitted once only.

Does it mean I have to have a business Paypal account to receive money?

HI @haidutskaya. That section refers to the payment type only - we are regularly asked to send payments marked as “family and friends” transfers to avoid transaction fees, but as a business we cannot use that method.

We will attempt to pay to any nominated PayPal account (Personal or Business). If you haven’t used that account to receive payments from a business before, I recommend checking with PayPal to make sure your account is eligible to receive funds.

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