How to find dark theme ppt after buy PPT

Recently I bought the Presentation where dark theme mention but i am not able to find dark theme so any one can suggest to find

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To address this issue, there are several ways:

  1. Contact the Author Directly:

    • The primary approach is to directly contact the presentation author. Authors are usually responsive to inquiries and can provide specific guidance on how to activate the dark theme.
  2. Check Help Files or Documentation:

    • Secondly, check the “Help File” or “Documentation” that accompanies the purchased item. Many authors include detailed instructions on how to activate the dark theme in these documents.
  3. Explore Folders, as it’s often in a separate folder:

    • As additional information, authors who provide a “dark theme” often organize files in separate folders. Check if there is a dedicated folder for the dark theme, and within that folder, you may find specific instructions on how to activate the dark theme.

By following these steps, you should be able to locate and activate the dark theme for the purchased presentation.

Good luck!