How to find a free themes on

How to find more themes like this one? Thanks

Don’ be cheap and purchase the item. This is not a “free” source market. If you’d prefer not to pay, check for free themes

Yeah, is the large source of free themes, but themes are far better themes than any other source!

Thanks for your suggestion. The option I searching is completely legal, so I want it if it possible to find free themes [offer in time].

Good things cost money. If you’re looking for a better theme, paying 50$ is not much considering a theme like that would cost at least 3000$ if you’d ask a custom coding

You are right, I encourage my clients to buy themes, I suggest them good looking themes to buy. But I find free themes for my personal uses. Thanks

Themeforest is a premium themes marketplace where you have to shop for themes. Though they also have a free file of the month.

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Hi @mohsinworld. As the others have noted, ThemeForest focuses on premium content and doesn’t have an equivalent to the free themes area.

However, we do tend to have items offered during promotional events: Free File of the Month is the main one, and brings in many new customers each month. You can find those files by scrolling down on any marketplace homepage, and looking for the “Free Files” section:

Alternatively, you can find the current free files listed on this collection page - there are some new marketplace-specific landing pages currently in development.

Our Marketing team sometimes use other free file promotions for shorter periods (most often 7 day campaigns), which are advertised via email. If you aren’t receiving marketing emails at the moment, you can sign up to that list here.

Note that the Market Mail list tends to be segmented by marketplace and activity level, so (for example) if you’ve only bought VideoHive items, you’re unlikely to receive an email that focuses solely on ThemeForest content :slight_smile:


It helps me. Thanks

Great thanks Mr. Ben.