How to figure why I have received hard reject

I made an wordpress plugin which is sustainable for restaurants in their management of reservations (booking tables). The plugin can make reservations which are link with the restaurant schedule (multiple schedules) tables, seats, different area of restaurant (bar side, pool, garden and so one), so the plugin allow customers to book their tables (not just a contact form) in dependence’s with the available tables at the selected hour… also offer email confirmation and a various charts/ calendar mode to see the reservations for administrator of the restaurant.
Furthermore the plugin allow user to customize the design of form wizard using setting options or just use the elementor widget.
You can see the demo here

I searched in themeforest and I didn’t find something like my plugin for reservation table in wordpress.

Even the email confirmation it is integrated with smtp in order to not need to install other plugins and the email template can be use customized with a html plain.

But I received a hard reject, even the reviewer did not bother to check the form wizard and to see if work.

This is my first time when I try to sell something here, maybe by reject it is in link with the upload section, maybe I did something wrong there I don’t know to prepare the documents… . But to receive hard reject for my plugin this is a mockery because I know it work and how much time I spend to create this, and how my code is clean and lightweight.
I admit I am not a good web design but for backend the plugin plugin it is really good and will help a lot small restaurants. If I made that for a customers client it would cost few thousands… so I know want I did.

They simply give me hard reject wihout any hint.
What should I do now?
What should i modify and to documents can someone help to check if it is ok

Any help appreciated

I understand and sympathize with you. I’ve also experienced such feelings before.

However, after browsing through your demo, I realized that you need to update the design to be more modern.

Additionally, I noticed that your site has scrolling issues. For example, when clicking ‘Next,’ a popup appears and closes, causing scrolling errors.

Regarding colors, you need to improve them. For instance, when focusing on an input field, avoid using a red border as it signifies an error.

Moreover, you should add more features. For example, enhance the system in the admin panel, include features like availability checks, sending emails/messages, payment options, etc."

Firstly I want to thank you for trying to help me, it is a good thing to receive a feed for someone with more experience on selling and knowing how to focus on design.
I admit that my design can be improve, but the idea of the plugin it is the features which give…

Secondly about the scrolling issue can you be more specifically because at my phone/pc screen it is working fine…

Also, about the more features I gave those integrate, maybe I made a mistake by not showing or highlight those… only the payment it is not implemented because being a reservation for a table, I suppose the restaurants will not ask for a deposit or a payment before(I have never been asked to pay in advance for a table) of the feature it is very important for others booking for hotels and so one.

I am frustrated because the policy of themeforest to not give a feedback… this think is very deconstructive for a new guy like me…

If you have time Maybe we can talk on emails about what i missed and where i have to improve because it is really important for me your advice.

Thank you and have a nice week.