How to download free Wordpress themes

Hey guys,

I visited the page ->
The page says “Every month you will find a number of premium WordPress themes available to download for free”.

But when I click ‘download for free’, it shows full price.

What I am doing wrong?


Being the start of a new month and it was a holiday in Australia yesterday, I imagine that the page just hasn’t been updated yet :grin:

Thank you @KingDog for such a quick response.

So, when should I check it again?

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I would say when I can get these Aussies out of bed. So around 4 pm or so :joy:


Hi @Rohitkrops. You can now find the April batch of free WordPress themes on the Free WordPress Themes page - if you’re still seeing old content, you may need to refresh the page or wait until our caching has updated.

We’re featuring some great themes from thembay, CocoBasic, Pixelshow and bickyg this month. If you like their free items, check out the rest of their portfolios :slight_smile: