How to change title in header

Hi, I am not able to change the “TourPackage” tilte into my own title. I don’t know how to do it? When I go to “customize” -> “site identity” and then writes the new title nothing happens… title not changed. Still TourPackage?! Anyone know how to fix this?

Are you talking about the logo? Probably in theme options if it’s not in the customiser

Yes, It’s like the logo and title is one item together… It’s in the left side in the menu bar… Just like this:

Theme options… Hmm how do I get there? Sorry for being such a noob :wink:

The icon and the words Tour Package are all one single image.

It’s hard to tell without seeing the back end admin but usually on the left of your WP-admin will be something about theme options where all the basic settings are. They call this “Advanced Admin” on the item page

Looking here my guess would be the the tab titled “Tour Package” in between settings and LayerSlider

Otherwise read the documentation with the theme which will cover stuff like this or ask the author

Alright. Thanks mate. Happy New Year!

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