How much to wait?

I have already uploaded music to the site a few weeks ago and it is still being checked by moderators. How long to wait for her to listen and approve? All sounds and melodies are completely mine, did not use any extraneous loops. THX.


Please wait and hope you will get email for your Item review result as soon as review will finish.

You can check here the current review Time:


16 days avg for new items. What does it mean? After 16 days will publish, or after 16 days just start to listen? + I myself am from Ukraine, and did not really understand how to fill in tax data here (my Ukrainian number does not fit anywhere, I had to choose the last item.


16 days is the avg review time to get review Item. If your Item meet all standard then will be published. If need improvement then sit reject and if not quality standard then can be hard reject.
You have to submit your TAX information through settings=>tax information
You can email if you need to discuss it further.



feel free to check out this thread: What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

Have a nice day!

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