How much money should I give in case of refund?

How much money am I really will returning in case of refund? For example, the price of the theme is $49. With the sale I got, say, $14. And in the case of refund from my account will be charged the same $14 or $49?

Those who have experience tell me, please.

If you receive 14$ for the sale, you will refund the same amount - not that I have any experience before but it should work this way

you will refund 14$ the exact amount you have received.

The refund value is 1:1. How much is paid, that much is refunded. Nothing more, nothing less. Cheers.

1:1 is not very clear. so, I have to return $49 (paid buyer), whereas I received only $14 from sale. But you meant that I actually return as much as I got: 1:1. Right?

Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the reply!

Thank you!

Envato take the money you got from the sale, and they take the money that they got from the sale, then they squash them both together to come up with the original amount that was paid… and return that to the buyer.