how is the circumstances of collaboration?

Hello guys
I’m newcomer and my first PSD template was approved last week. I received two requests partnership. Now i have some question.
how is the circumstances of contraction (collaboration)?
how could we collaborate with each other?
how much interest is devided between two sides? and how it is calculated?
Request for cooperation should be sent through the site?
How can the parties benefit paid?
Thank you very much if you answer my questions

It’s all stuff between the two authors a envato will not be involved in this.

You need to decide what agreement, fees, % of sales etc you want, what account it is uploaded to, how that account pays the other author etc

Thank you for your reply.
Do you have any collaboration experience?
how much is this percentage usually?

I’m not an author and it varies case by case but be aware how much more work there is for the new author eg build, updates, support so probably 35-40% to you and the rest to them is fair or just sell them the 100% rights for a single fee

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