How is it going in this summer?


I have increadable drawdown of sales this summer? Do U know what’s going on?

Usually July and August are slower. I guess is normal but there are some things happening in the market, too many projects most of them are low quality or without purpose and in my case for example I have top code and products that don’t get visits because of this massive ammount of products like I said most of them are without purpose…

No, it´s not normal, checkout the Sales Monitor Thread.

What do u mean saying without purpose?

The same here. Huge 70-80% drop. Although summer months and july particularry always were good in my case. Even last june was good enough, but since first days of july there is total silence… Maybe it is because of search engine changes in the beginning of july. Some authors still have normal sales and even growing and I can’t find other explanation than search engine changes :confused:

I man projects like this one I have nothing against the author but is the truth it has no purpose no quality no nothing. I don’t mean no disrespect is just my opinion, I chose this project randomly but I can find another 10.000 like this one, not just banners.

yeah! I think it is vacation times in a lot of countries, it’s normal