how do you make a website template?

i think the title is pretty self explainatory?

also, what is a flash icon?

yeah i wondered about flash icons, but there are some there… i think they are just icons in flash? heheheh

how do you make a website template?

I think thats an question who cannot be answerd in a small textblock.
But I am working an a tutorial… It is taking some time though.

Maybe you can purchase a website template here en examnie it… than you learn also.

Yes, essentially a website template is just a whole bunch of flash files tied together into one project, so it is kind of hard to say exactly how to make one, as usually, all of them are all different. You’re always going to have some type of button element, however, and you’re going to want to tie it into some type of content section. But the flexibility of flash makes it so that the only limitations are in your imagination (and, well, you’re technical and design expertise…but that’s always moving forward!)