How do you make a GIF with solid white space?

I am made this gif with VSDC. It is a demonstration of the problem I am facing.
The individual images that make the gif has white space. But when I generate the GIF file, the result contains what can be described as faint beige dots in a scratch pattern where there should be solid white. Here: . Does anyone know how to make a crisper GIF with solid white space?

Project 5

It’s called “transparent background with GIF”
You can refer Google how to make it

I tried that. I made the white space transparent in by clicking on the white space in the PNG image and deleted it (it showed that checkard pattern to show transparancy) but when I loaded the images into VSDC, it produced (at first) a GIF where it was black instead of white. Then I changed the settings in VSDC so that the background was white. When I generated the GIF, it was back to looking as it was.

I figured out the solution. I will post it here for anyone else using VSDC.

  1. You have to set the project settings opacy to zero. You can do that in the Project settings page at the beginning or, what worked for me was to create a blank project and set the Opacy level to zero in the Properties window. THis creates a project with true transparancy for a background but you have to do more.
  2. the PNG files I added to VSCD (Editor → Add Object…) were pre-edited with “Paint dot net” to set the white space to be transparent (click on the white space and then hit delete)
  3. Eventhough the images and the animation both have transparent backgrounds, what worked for me was to take it one step further and make sure the whole project is set to have set with “Video effects → Transparency → Bacnground Remover”

Then output the file as a GIF. If anyone who is here trying these steps has an issue or it fails to work, post your question. I don’t think I missed anything.

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