How do you install photoshop plugins in Gimp?

I keep seeing some exe file I’m suppose to download for gimp called PSPI that tells gimp where/how to use photoshop plugins, but on every single website that’s suppose to have it, I get a broken download link or it says “web page unavailable.” How do I use photoshop plugins in gimp?

wow, pretty interesting thread, i had never heard about it … i am also looking forward to getting to know more about this too if some can tell more have a nice day PLLLC

So I’m not sure exactly what I did, but the first thing I did was download the pspi zip from the link here
idk if it contains any malware or w/e but it seems clean
Then, I just spammed the installation of my plugins in like 4-5 different folders. I put them in lib->gimp->2.0->plugins and
share->gimp->2.0->scripts I think were likely the successful folders. And now, some plugins that worked in photoshop now work in gimp.