How do they reject this cool design ? need a help to improve

Hi everyone,
I dont know why this theme is just soft rejected.

Reviewer says: we do accept themes with similar structure but in condition it provides better quality in terms of aesthetic or features.

here are design pages:

can anyone tell me what is wrong with this designs? is this not good design ?

I believe this theme is modern designed concept (may be I am wrong, tell me) , but really dont know what is key point that i am missing here and reviewer just looking for it.

Any reviewer please help to get this sort out,
thank you.

your design is good.
they are not looking only unique also aesthetic this is the main problem.
Try With Redesign or Rearrange.

Thanks for your reply.
Does rearrange will work?
or they dont like design style?
Did you find any mistake or any flow that is not good in design?

I am in confusion to just rearrange stuff and submit and if they hard reject?
or Do I redesign and submit ? (kind of new work totally)

looking for help

you can try cause everything dependent on the reviewer if they reject you can’t do anything or if they accept no one can do anything. I just can make a wish for you.

good luck

This risks having the account blocked.

Sometimes soft rejections are subjective to the reviewer but If an item is hard rejected then it’s rarely to do with who is reviewing.

You must make sure that if you are going to resubmit a hard rejected item, that there is significant difference and not just little tweaks or reordering elements

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Hi charlie,
Thanks for review,
What did you feel about this design ? Is it out dated? Do i need to redesign from scratch?

I believe minor changes will work and does this design is as per trend ? I know Every designer feel same for their design but you guyes seen lots of stuff and experienced so your thougts will help us to stand in market.

Let me know your thoughts.

Share the images directly here - can’t really see stuff from unknown sources with google drive because of security


Hi charlie
Can you please check design uploaded here?

It’s not bad

  1. that reviewer comment sounds like they think it’s overly inspired by another item?

  2. personally I am not entirely convinced it’s a design style which works as well for golf as perhaps a different category?

Thank you charlie,

If you feel design quality is good than I think I must try to resubmit with some changes and re-arrangement of stuff .
I am just not clear about " in terms of aesthetic. " words.

Thank you for your kind review.

Lovely design. I would buy that!
Hope you get approved.

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Still not convinced golf is right for that design.

Maybe extend the item value and include variations for other categories too eg agency, shop, etc

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Thank you Charlie,

This is great idea.
I will try to update as per your good idea if one more time its reject again.
hopefully it will save me from total loss.