How do I make my Flutter codes require a license from codecanyon?


I would like to add product license verification to my flutter app project.
how can I do that?


Hi Shirajul,

To add product license verification to your Flutter app, you’ll need to generate unique license keys for your users, store those keys securely on a server or database, and verify the keys when a user opens your app. You can also add a user interface to allow users to enter their license key or check their license status. If you’re not familiar with backend development, you may want to consider hiring a developer to help you with this process.

Good luck with your project!

I am not understanding how can i do. And also not finding someone who can do.

Try this How to verify a purchase code using the Envato API

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I will explain it in detail,

In your Flutter code, try to create a line of code to check the license for one of the backend servers that you have. There you will provide a response to inform you whether the license used is valid or not.